De novo no campo base - back to base camp.

Esta mensagem vai em inglês, para que possa chegar a um maior numero de pessoas.

This one and probably the next posts will be in english, because we think it's importante that our message gets to more people. Again, we are in base camp, result of a combination of... a tragic happening and bad weather.
Again, there were some attempts to summit GII, by an iranian mountain federation team, one polish man, and one spanish. One more time, nobody got to the real top of the mountain, the highest point from where one can only go down. Still, the iranian team was celebrating the summiting of some members!
How do we know it?
As a result of a truly sad happening, of witch we'll write about on days to come, and because some members of the iranian team told us (and some other people in BC). Aparently they stopped about 50m from the summit, as the summit ridge was sharp and dangerous, and they did not have enough rope to fix and procced to the summit safely.
Still, they deserve congratulations for getting so close in a very windy day.
BUT we also want to congratulate the members of Altitude Junkies for their great attitude: in camp 1, some members of that same iranian team, fixed a rope to acced a crevasse and through inside 2 huge bags of garbage, in front of Altitude Junkies members.
Imidiately, there was an argument about it! 2 days after (today: July, 23) the members of Altitude Junkies went inside the crevasse, recovered the garbage bags, brought them to base camp and emptied them just in front of the iranians mess tent, in silence. The bags contained gas canisters, plastics, all kind of garbage!
Congratulation guys!

About the tragic happening, we'll write soon, when we feel the moment is right.

About what we shall do...at this moment we realy don't know. The weather is unstable, snowing,and again GII is full of snow, dangerous from C2 up. A second possible line on GVI, is also impossible to try at the moment, because of the danger of avalanches.Also, right now, because of the tragic happening, our mind is not absolutely focus on the montains.

Daniela e Paulo

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