When we arrived to base camp we went to the spanish group, to let them know Luis was alive, and see if they could organize the helicopter for that same morning.
The next hours were frenetic for us, going frombase camp to base camp to check what could be done. John, a canadian guide, immediately ofered his help, and ofered about 6 botles of oxigen that were in C2, in case they would be needed.
The spanish group (with their agency), organized the helicopter that because of the bad weather never came.
So, that morning and that day, nothing else happened except movement on base camp. Nobody went up to C1, but the members of Altitude Junkies stayed there monitorising the situation.
That day it snowed and the visibility to the upper part of GII was zero. The clouds only allowed a short view to the mountain somewhere in the afternoon, and by that time there was no sign of Luis. On the spot he was last seen the night before, it was only snow. Could he be covered by the snow?Could he get down to C4? C3?
Until today, there is no answers.
The day that followed also snowed, and the clouds prevented the helicopter to come, one more time.
It was not posible to go higher than C1 because of the danger of avalanche, so after that second day, the members of Altitude Junkies came down to base camp.
There was no hope anymore.
At the present moment only Jacek Teler could clarify some aspects about what happened to Luis. But Jacek still did not arrive at base camp, as he stayed a few days in C1 and went directly to try GI, where he still is.

Our thoughts and opinions about Luis disapearance:

- Luis and Jacek pushed to summit at very late hours and with too much wind


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